June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Nathan Sykes

Team Leader, CFD & FEA Tools Group, Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Nathan is the Team Leader for CFD and FEA tools group, part of the Aerodynamics and Design office for Infiniti Red Bull Racing at their Formula One operation in Milton Keynes, UK.
Nathan has been with Infiniti Red Bull Racing since its inception in 2005 and is a key member of the technical staff. Nathan has grown with the team and has been pivotal in the aggressive development of the Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) process. He’s taken the CFD capability from science project to the state of the art, mission critical, facility it is today.
Prior to working for Infinity Red Bull Racing Nathan worked for 3 years as part of Jaguar Racing’s Formula 1 team. As part of the Aerodynamics team he started the CFD department and worked closely with the wind tunnel teams. He developed a thorough understand of the aerodynamics of the car developing components and partnerships which form the backbone to the current processes.
Nathan’s experience in Aerodynamics started with a Masters of Engineering at Loughborough University sponsored by a major UK aircraft manufacturer. On completion of his degree he joined his sponsor and worked in a leading team using CFD in new areas to reduce costs and speed up time of components to market. The novel approach saw him receive a prestigious innovation award.
Nathan built on his knowledge working for a leading CFD software provider as a Consultant. He worked closely with other engineers and developers to provide inventive methods to model external aerodynamics as well as imaginative approaches to CFD modelling which lead to several published papers.
Nathan’s continued pursuit of the class leading simulation and HPC environment, not only in Formula 1, but the wider industry requires the nurturing of key technical partners. Nathan celebrates the success stories and enjoys sharing the wider story of engineering challenges and shared pursuit of continued success.

Speaker at: Case Studies
Case Study: HPC Use in Automotive Design at Infiniti Red Bull Racing
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