June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Al Davis

Senior Facility Manager, National University of Singapore

After graduating with an MS in Computer Science from Boston University, I went to Florida State University where I developed data analysis and visualisation software for the Centre for Ocean Atmospheric Prediction Studies. This was followed by several years as a systems engineer at SiliconGraphics and then I moved to MIT as systems manager for the Computational and Systems Biology initiative, the BioImaging Centre and the Earth Systems Initiative. As part of CSBi, we started collaborating with researchers at the National University of Singapore and which lead to the formation of two new research centres: the Centre for BioImaging Sciences and the MechanoBiology Institute. As the IT systems manager for both facilities, I am responsible for designing and managing the computational infrastructure used to store and analyse our image data and the biological & computational chemistry modelling efforts. Throughout my IT career I have been particularly interested in the analysis and visualisation of large scientific data sets and providing researchers with the computational tools to analyse data and perform virtual experiments that could not otherwise be accomplished in the laboratory.

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