June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Dr. Horst Gietl

Executive Consultant, Prometeus

Horst Gietl studied Mathematics and Information Technology at the Technical University in Munich and made his PhD at the Faculty of Mathematics.
He worked at the Leibniz Computing Center in Munich, being responsible for a project of the German Research Organization with the title: „Vectorization of numerical applications to get highest performance out of a vector processor”.
After that, he joined Siemens, becoming a manager for the vector processor applications/support group and working with Fujitsu’s vector processors.
At NCUBE (parallel processor systems manufacturer) he was director for product marketing and product management for interactive multimedia projects and database projects in Europe and the Middle East.
In 2006 he joined Prometeus GmbH as a consultant for assisting Prometeus in organizing the yearly International Supercomputing Conference; and this year, he is also involved in organizing the ISC Cloud conferences.

Chair of: Distinguished Speakers
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