June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Sorin Faibish

Distinguished Engineer, Fast Data Groups, Office of the CTO, EMC Deutschland

Sorin Faibish built innovative shared storage solutions as performance architect of EMC NAS products. His AD work included architecture design of NFS clusters, grid computing support, architect the performance strategy of NAS and Celerra file system. Performance feature lead for NAS product developing the multi-threaded implementation of NAS server. Sorin is the head of Celerra patent committee. Sorin is also technology consultant and evangelist for pNFS as well as member of IETF and contributor to the pNFS protocol and evangelist of pNFS in research forums. Sorin’s wider expertise include: Clustered File systems, Storage systems, High Performance Computing, Robotic architectures, Complex systems design and Artificial Intelligence in storage systems. Sorin holds a Master degree from Technion, Israel in EE, and is a member of IEEE, ACM, USENIX and SMPTE and has over 60 papers and 42 patents.

Speaker at: Exhibitor Forum 01
EMC Deutschland
Jitter-Free Co-Processing on a Prototype Exascale Storage Stack
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