June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Dr. Balint Joo

High Performance Computational Scientist, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

Balint Joo completed his PhD in Theoretical Physics at the University of Edinburgh in 2000, in the area of Monte Carlo Simulations for Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (LQCD). Since then he has held post doctoral positions at the University of Kentucky carrying out research in Monte Carlo algorithms for LQCD, Columbia University and Edinburgh University working as part of the design team for the QCDOC supercomputer, and carrying out research into implementing Chiral Fermions in LQCD calculations. He moved to the US DOE Jefferson Lab in 2005, and is a co-maintainer of the Chroma software system for lattice QCD calculations. His primary research interests include developing lattice QCD software, in particular porting, optimizing and integrating QCD codes with Chroma on novel high performance computing systems such as Xeon Phi and GPUs, researching lattice QCD solver algorithms. He also spends some time running LQCD calculations on a variety of leadership computing systems for the USQCD collaboration.

Speaker at: Research Paper Session 01
Lattice QCD on Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors
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