June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Heike McCraw

Research Scientist II, Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee

Heike McCraw is a Research Scientist II at the Innovative Computing Laboratory (ICL) at The University of Tennessee (UTK). She obtained her B.Sc. and first M.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics from The University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany in 2001, and her second M.Sc. degree in High Performance Computing from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 2006.
Heike's position at ICL includes performing basic research in computer science for performance of High Performance Computing applications and architectures, focusing primarily on developing methods and tools for performance analysis and tuning on HPC applications. She is also currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at the Department of Computer Science at UTK (since Fall 2009).

Speaker at: Research Paper Session 05
Beyond the CPU: Hardware Performance Counter Monitoring on Blue Gene/Q
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