June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Prof. Dr. Tilo Wettig

Professor of Physics, University of Regensburg

Tilo Wettig is a professor of physics at the University of Regensburg, Germany. He is working in theoretical particle physics, with emphasis on numerical simulations of lattice QCD and the development of special-purpose massively parallel machines. He was the principal investigator of the QPACE project, which was number 1 on the Green 500 list in 2009 and 2010. Tilo did his undergraduate work at the University of Tübingen, received MA and PhD degrees in physics from Stony Brook University, and a habilitation degree from the University of Heidelberg. Before joining the University of Regensburg he was a postdoc at MPI Heidelberg and TU München, an assistant/associate professor at Yale University, and a fellow of the RIKEN-BNL Research center.

Speaker at: Research Paper Session 08
iDataCool: HPC with Hot-Water Cooling & Energy Reuse
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