June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Dr. Muhammad Soofi

Exploration System Analyst, Saudi Aramco

Working at the interface of geosciences and computer science, the responsibility include the management of seismic data life cycle and development of seismic processing tools to utilize the HPC (High Performance Computing) resources in the most optimum way possible. The shared and distributed memory parallelization techniques through OpenMP and MPI, respectively, are being used to take advantage of our multi-core and multi-node HPC environments to process petabyte of seismic data in a timely manner.

- Ph.D., August, 2001, Geophysics, Purdue University, USA
- M.S., 1991, Geophysics, Oregon State University, USA
- B.S., 1985, Civil Engg., NED Univ. of Engg. & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan

Speaker at: The Role of HPC in the Oil & Gas Industry
Saudi Aramco Latest Advancements in the Fields of HPC & HPSs
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