June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Al Kellie

Associate Director, Computational & Informations Systems Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Mr. Kellie (AL) graduated from the University of Manitoba, Canada and did his postgraduate work in meteorology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Al had a lengthy career with Environment Canada’s Meteorological Services (MSC) at the Senior Executive level, including responsibilities for the supercomputer and telecommunications center located at the Canadian Meteorological Centre, in Dorval Quebec.
Mr. Kellie’s experience covers all aspects of the Weather Forecasting operations and Climate Research activities of MSC. He has served as Director of the Weather Services Program in Toronto as well as establishing a Development Division in Montreal for exploiting the numerical weather prediction program run by MSC. Mr. Kellie was responsible to lead Canada’s weather services in preparing for the year 2000 turnover.
Mr. Kellie has been prominent in the international arena, representing Canada at the World Meteorological Organization on working group committees for data management, observations, telecommunications and as Chair of the Working Group on Data Processing.
Mr. Kellie is currently an Associate Director, at the National Center for Atmospheric Research with the Computational and Information Systems portfolio. Most recently Al lead a project to construct of NCAR’s new, efficient, sustainable computer center in Cheyenne Wyoming and the brought into service for climate research a 1.5 Petaflop iDataPlex cluster, representing a 29 fold increase for climate and related sciences.

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