June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Sandra Wienke

Research Assistant, Center for Computing & Communication, RWTH Aachen University

Sandra Wienke is a doctoral candidate at RWTH Aachen University and works as a research assistant in the HPC Team of the RWTH's Center for Computing and Communication. She received her Master degree with distinction from Aachen University of Applied Sciences in 2009 where she studied Technomathematics with main focus on scientific computing. Her research interests include high-performance computing on parallel heterogeneous architectures with emphasis on GPGPUs and Intel's Xeon Phi. To this end, she is especially interested in the analysis of development productivity and performance of various programming models (e.g. CUDA, OpenACC, OpenMP, LEO) on many- and multicore systems. Sandra Wienke engages in the OpenMP Accelerator subcommittee since 2011 and is actively involved in the German Heterogeneous Computing Group (GHCG) since 2012. She provides support for parallel programming including the usage of tools to researchers at RWTH Aachen University and gives lectures and courses on this topic.

Speaker at: Research Paper Session 03
Accelerators for Technical Computing: Is it Worth the Pain? A TCO Perspective
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