June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Benoit Vautrin

Chief Operations Officer, Oxalya

After the creation in 2000 of Linagora, a leading open source services company, Benoît Vautrin has occupied in the IT and banking industries positions ranging from software developer to project manager.
He then entered as CTO for a multi-activities group in Luxembourg, building its information system covering companies from the food processing industry to the communication sector.
In 2008, he funded his consultancy company aimed at the energy industry, working on 3D software for maintenance planning in nuclear power plants.
He joined Oxalya in 2010 as Business Developer and later COO of the company, and is now leading the switch from HPC integrator to HPC Cloud provider since the takeover by

Speaker at: HPC – From Desktop to Cloud
Turn Your Laptop into a Simulation Cluster
Exhibitor Forum 02
Turn your Laptop into a Simulation Cluster
ISC Vendor Showdown 02
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