June 16-20, 2013

Leipzig, Germany

Mr. Fritz Ferstl

CTO & Business Development, EMEA, UNIVA

Fritz Ferstl has 24 years of grid, cloud and HPC computing experience. As the Chief Technology Officer of Univa Corporation he sets technical vision while spearheading strategic alliances. Fritz, long regarded as the father of Grid Engine and its forerunners Codine and GRD, ran the Grid Engine business from within Sun Microsystems and Oracle for more than 10 years, taking it from an upstart technology to the most widely deployed workload management solution in some of the most challenging data center environments on the planet. Under Fritz's leadership Grid Engine was open sourced and has grown a vibrant community.

Chair of: Overview of the SME Market
Speaker at: Exhibitor Forum 05
Five Ways Univa Makes You Money
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